Marketing Workshops


Koala Marketing is an “everything” marketing partner to growing businesses in and around Hampshire. We appreciate the value of every pound spent on marketing. As such, we have hand-crafted some marketing workshops to allow you and your team to upskill. As a business owner, a return on an investment is the key. Some marketing tasks are better outsourced and left with a specialist, of which we will help with those. Still, for those jobs that could be handled in-house, to reduce unnecessary outgoings, these 1-2-1 online training sessions will give you or your staff the tools to do these jobs yourself. Professional and affordable, get in touch to learn more about these workshops.

Tailored workshops can be created; please enquire for more details.

Building A Killer Brand Workshop

A 1-hour session to learn how to maximise your brand.

Book yourself onto our 'Building a killer brand' workshop!

Do you want to learn more about branding and how you can make your brand sing to your customers?

This workshop will teach you some valuable tools on using your brand in the right way, with impact, for results!

Social Media Growth Workshop

A 1-hour session to learn how to maximise your social platforms.

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Do you know which social platforms are best for your business?

We always advise picking one or two channels and really making them work for you! We’ll help you choose which ones are a gold mine of ‘dream customers’ and get the ball by giving you advice with creating a social media marketing strategy.

Presentation Building Workshop

A 1-hour session to learn how to produce visuals your audience wont forget.

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How effective are your presentation skills? Presenting isn’t just Powerpoint! Presenting is everything, from the way you layout your website and blog pages to your social media banners, post imagery, e-marketing and more. 

This workshop will upskill you or teams on how to create highly engaging visuals that impress your customers and drive important actions.

Writing Good Content Workshop

A 1-hour session to learn how to write compelling content that fits your values.

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Do you want to learn more about copywriting from content marketing experts?

This workshop will show you how to ‘be seen’ by your audience, with proven and easy content writing strategies, and help you to identify the right tone of voice for your business. You’ll be writing compelling copy in no time!

Developing Your Website Workshop

A 1-hour session to learn how to add content to your website and gather ideas on where to improve.

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If you are not a web designer or web developer, but you want to learn how to add content and make small changes to your website, to make the user experience better for your visitors, talk to Koala Marketing.

This workshop will give you the tools to add and remove content easily without breaking your website; valuable tools that will help you to keep content fresh on your site and maximise SEO opportunities.

Brand Evolution Workshop

Book a 1-hour session to learn how to evolve your brand identity.

Book yourself onto this 'Brand Evolution' workshop!

Is your branding tired, are you unstimulated by its look and feel you’ve outgrown where it is?

This workshop will assess your current branding against your customers, your service offering and your vision for the future and assess what we can do to give it fresh life. This is a perfect workshop if you are considering a brand facelift, an opportunity to get some professional advice in a workshop setting which will help you decide what ‘next steps’ look like.

Trello for Business Workshop

Reserve your place on our 30-minute workshop to learn how to use Trello.

Learn how to make Trello work hard for your business!

Do you struggle to stay organised with your content marketing strategy?

This 30-minute workshop will show you around Trello, giving you tips and advice on building your content marketing strategy. This short workshop is perfect for small business owners or solo entrepreneurs looking for a free tool to assist their creativity whilst being organised and super productive.

Caleigh has been involved with everything from our web design, to social media, and even a complete brand refresh. At every stage, she has brought creativity and flair, while remaining professional at all times. Koala Marketing continues to add value to our marketing strategy at every step. Highly recommended!”

Adam Glyde, TwistedPair

“Koala Marketing came highly recommended. We needed exhibition collateral and some stand-out sales tools, ahead of a big industry event. They presented some impressive ideas. The event was a massive success, with two significant opportunities in the sales pipeline, taking the ROI to an astounding 7900%. I trust them entirely as marketing partners and look forward to the next project together.”

We have been working with Koala Marketing for some months now. Caleigh has been quick to engage with us and make work easier for us. She helped us sharpen our value proposition, both by the book and to the point. Furthermore, Koala has delivered some high-quality blog posts that have boosted our company’s digital marketing presence. As a customer of Koala, I feel well served and in good hands. Thank you!”

Christian Bjerrum-Niese, Ph.D, UbiqiSense