Creating a hand-crafted marketing message for your business is at the heart of what we do. No two companies are the same, and there isn’t one generic marketing strategy that fits all, so we collaborate with your team to find the right package for your business needs.


We use our expertise to help you plan the perfect marketing strategy to help your business increase its competitive positioning. Using proven marketing models, we create a campaign focused on your core business values, working culture and company objectives to help promote company growth and help your teams to flourish.

Social Media

We all know the value of a successful social media campaign, but achieving a successful marketing strategy on social media is not just about being able to use the platforms. We help you to plan cycles for social media campaigns and simplify the process to make it a successful tool for your business.


Our team of expert writers can help you negotiate the complex world of copywriting, B2B, email, blogging and written marketing campaigns. Content marketing is a vital part of any effective strategy, and we can help you choose tone and language that reflects your business values and expresses your message and core principles.


Creating brand awareness is a significant business strategy. A strong brand helps people recognise your business, sets the tone for advertising campaigns and provides employees with direction and focus. Your business identity and recognition are bound up in brand design and awareness, and we can help you develop a brand that your customers trust.


At Koala Marketing, we research and plan your unique business brand to be centred around the core of your company ethos. We want to help you create a brand you and your employees can be proud of, and use our knowledge to develop a brand brief for your visual presentation, customer service, reputation and logo.

Logo Design

In our fast-paced digital age, a stunning logo can help your business stand out from your competition. We will design you a logo using your company as inspiration, and advise you on all aspects of logo briefs, from recognition to brand loyalty and first impressions.


We keep abreast of trends in the print landscape and can help you navigate the choices needed for a unified company font, colour palette and design. We can help you develop print campaigns, both paper and digital, and teach you about the benefits and environmental impacts of both.


We help you to effectively present your business, brand and services to your customers through overarching digital marketing plans that give you insight into your customer preferences and online behaviours. Analysis of digital marketing can help you increase revenue, compete with larger corporations, earn trust, grow your business reach and see analysis of your company’s performance in real time.

Web Design

Your website says everything about your business and is your most tangible company presence online, allowing you to reach your target audience and to connect them to your products and services. We provide sleek, modern and user-friendly websites to meet all your requirements and to expertly showcase your brand and your business.


Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Clicks might seem daunting, but Koala can help you navigate the complex world of search engines and digital advertising. We will work with you to explore the benefits to your organisation from using well-researched SEO keywords and help you to build profit through PPC platforms.


Trends in marketing online have now moved towards video as a significant player in successful campaigns. Videos allow you to make a lasting impact very quickly, explain complex information, demonstrate products and services, and are highly sharable online. They enable your product to come to life and let your customers connect emotionally to your brand.

Let’s Work Together


At Koala we are about more than just numbers. We are people driven, passionate and keen to educate and lead others into sustainable and eco-friendly futures. Working with us will help your business to streamline marketing actions into measurable results using our effective smart marketing services.