Chicken or egg?

We’re often faced with this dilemma, and it comes in many forms outside of feathered fowl.

The quandary I’d like to bring to your attention today is… “What comes first, marketing or survival”. I ask you, in this current climate, can a business survive without ‘methodical marketing support’?

There’s a nimiety of evidence out there to show that without a solid marketing plan, a company’s growth will slow or even halt.

Amid a global disruption like Covid-19, a marketing strategy can be the gum connecting and engaging customers with purpose and the sticky matter keeping a company on course.

In the last two weeks, I have sent out several proposals to new clients of all sizes who work in a variety of sectors and lately, the majority of projects undertaken have been for marketing strategy work.

It’s competitive out there, peeps. If you are looking to (withstand and) expand your business, you need to approach your marketing in a logical order, and that doesn’t mean firing out social posts without a plan or sharing video content willy-nilly – Most people are not sure where to begin when it comes to their ‘strategies’.

The point I endeavour to make is for real durability and customer loyalty, my lovely lot, marketing MUST come first – there’s no question! Your business is the chicken, the eggs are the planned and executed steps you take (with intent) to package, promote, leverage and sustain your business.

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, the marketing-hour has arrived. The trends show us that there is no better time to get those eggs in a row. Perhaps this year there is little time for the usual Christmas hubbub of witty cards and glitter reindeer campaigns. As many others are already arranging, your efforts and budgets are better spent on carefully planning your moves for 2021. At least that’s the chatter on the biz-grapevine.

What’s your 2021 plan of action?

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