Its Winter!! The 21st of December is officially the first day of this new season.

Brrrr, right… but also how lush is this time of year? …Icicles start to show, snowflakes fall, floors begin to sparkle but best of all, snowballs!

Who doesn’t love to throw a fluffy ball of snow at their partner, friend or family member while they aren’t looking? [SPLAT!]

I’m not just blabbering on about cold things today, these shivers you are welcoming do have a purpose; Have you heard of the snowball effect? 

“A situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate.”

Just like when you roll the body of your snowman in the snow from a hand-sized sphere of ice; the more you roll, the bigger he becomes into the nice plump snowman he was envisioned to be.

This ‘state’ of growth is huge in marketing. I always talk about this (the snowball effect) with my clients, “like a snowball things start from point ‘A’ and with consistent ‘movement’ grow over time…”.

We must be realistic about our expectations of marketing. I will not under any circumstances tell a client what I think they want to hear if it is not correct and valid, I wrote about this previously (Avoid snake oil merchants; The tale of the fox and the crow). I am open, honest and truthful always about what can be expected and what is needed. It is likely why retention of clients is high at Koala Marketing. 

In essence, in marketing, this snowball effect is, ‘the more successful you become, the more publicity you get and the more promotion you receive will all generate more engagement and ultimately, more sales’. But the key to growing a snowball from nothing, just like when you make Mr Snowman this Winter, is in the process.

How can you ensure that your snowball is growing the right way; no grit or dirt making it grubby, or stones embedded into the framework making it lumpy, just pure white powdery snow forming a stable and robust body. In the same way you would build your snowballs, choosing the right pathway ‘to roll your snow’ is the answer.

Like all things, a strong foundation for your snowball is needed. A sound foundation in marketing is always a well-designed strategy; continuous development of an ongoing marketing plan, loaded with compelling campaigns, action-driven analysis and brand consistency are the essential ingredients to growing a (“marketing”) snowball. 

If you need help to build the foundation of your snowball, talk to Koala Marketing; we will help you to get the ball rolling.

If you are a small business looking to take your company growth to the next level, drop us an email in the new year, we would love to see how we may be able to help you ‘level up’ your business –

Happy Winter, lovelies!


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