The Power of Storytelling: How to Tell Your Sustainable Business Story

Today’s consumers are tired of surface-level sales pitches. They don’t want just to be “customers” anymore. Instead, they want to be a part of your community. Your mission. Your story.

So, what is the significance of brand storytelling in 2023, and why does your sustainable business need to get on board?

Brand storytelling is one of your sustainable business’s most impactful strategies. As a purpose-driven marketing agency that helps our clients to spin their why’s into powerful and potent narratives, we’ve found it allows our clients to:

  • Turn one-time customers into loyal fans, potentially even friends in some cases.
  • Become more memorable. Storytelling is up to 22x more unforgettable than simply stating the facts. Fact.
  • Make a stronger impact and lead a greater purpose. Who doesn’t want to make a living and help a broader issue they feel passionately about simultaneously?

3 Inspiring Examples of Sustainable Business Stories: Tips from a Green Marketing Agency

Let’s look at some powerful examples of brand storytelling that tickled our fancy last week. As a sustainable marketing agency, we’ve fallen in love with these eco-friendly UK businesses purely based on how they use storytelling to ignite their purpose:

1) Leon

As a green-driven marketing agency, we love Leon. Their story disrupts the fast-food industry. Their marketing message is focused on making the healthy option convenient. It’s changing the narrative by showing fast food can be sustainable.

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

We are big fans of this purpose-driven brand, as their sustainability strategy speaks to us directly. Leon focuses on three specific goals, each giving us a warm fuzzy feeling: increasing the number of plants on their menu, renewable energy, and reducing their use of plastics. We’re in!!

2) Greener Habits Co.

As an ethical marketing agency, we’re inspired by Greener Habits Co: A small UK business with a lovely story to tell.

Their personal approach to copywriting invites you on the founder’s journey to live green simply by creating greener everyday habits. By being a customer, you’re not just making a purchase — you’re making a difference.

This brand speaks to the reader directly, as if it were a friend sharing advice. You feel instantly seen, connected and persuaded.

The founders of every business have a story to tell. Each tale is unique to personal experiences, with its own ‘why’ and its own voice. But we find many companies haven’t found how to unlock their narrative, navigate their brand in marketing and tap into that authenticity with their storytelling. And that’s where we come in…

3) Moreco

Finally, on our list is Moreco. Our green marketing agency was honoured to be asked to work with Moreco: A UK startup business with a mission to help natural ecosystems thrive on UK coastlines.

We were found on social media and approached because of a connection to our story and a bond to our mission of making the planet greener with reforestation.

Moreco was founded by Steffan James, a young entrepreneur from Aberystwyth, Wales, who fell in love with the Welsh coast after growing up there, and spending weekends on the sea. A witness to the negative changes in the local ecosystem and the drop in coastal marine life drove the company. In an early discovery call, it was clear that protecting seagrass meadows was the prime objective.

We achieved a complete brand design, amplifying their story to connect with their audience through a core passion for seagrass restoration.

We helped Moreco take their stance and stand out as a sustainable galvaniser in the green energy industry as they work to integrate a network of EV charge points for businesses across the UK.

Their passion for sustainability is felt through their brand storytelling fostering engagement, support, and growth for the cause.

The support from Koala Marketing from the beginning has been brilliant in bringing my thoughts to life in a logo for Moreco. They gathered information about my brand identity efficiently, and even though I didn’t provide specific details on colours, fonts or layouts, they showed me brand examples I loved! Working with a team with such a personal touch put my mind at ease; they got the brand’s ethos from the off. I have really enjoyed working with Koala.” 

Staffan James, Founder – Moreco


Tell Your Story with the Help of a Green-thinking Creative Agency – Koala Marketing

To our purpose-driven marketing and design agency, it’s not just about the profits — it’s about the purpose. And when you can drive both, you’ve created a business that can last and one you can feel proud to work for.

Inspired by our incredible clients, we’ve pledged to be a green marketing agency: For every new client we take on, we donate to plant trees and support reforestation efforts worldwide in partnership with One Tree Planted, and we couldn’t be more proud of our impact to date.

Join us in creating a more sustainable business world one marketing project at a time. Reach out to see how we can share your story and empower your purpose together.

Let’s Work Together


At Koala we are about more than just numbers. We are people driven, passionate and keen to educate and lead others into sustainable and eco-friendly futures. Working with us will help your business to streamline marketing actions into measurable results using our effective smart marketing services.