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The Love Concept

Can ‘The Love Concept’ (TLC) win you a date with your dream customer…? Perhaps.

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This idea has changed my business’s direction and is leading more of my tribe towards my brand.

Today, I’m feeling a whole lot of love. Perhaps it’s due to a looming Valentine’s Day, or the hug my partner gave me before he left for work this morning, or even how much I enjoy writing marketing blogs and sharing valuable advice for you lovely lot to help your companies flourish, either way, to quote Hugh Grant, “Love, really is, all-around”, today.

This marketing note is how you can use ‘TLC’ to capture the gaze of your dream customer with a small shift in focus and a few ‘slick-Rick’ marketing moves (wink). It’s working for me RIGHT NOW, folks, so perhaps it might work for you too. So, strap on those rose-tinted goggles, and get ready to dip those toes in this editorial love dose.

It starts with… Creating something you love.

Musicians create music they want to listen to. Writers create books they want to read. We all consume content we would like to make ourselves, given the talent and the time. So, business owners, shouldn’t you create a brand YOU would buy from and content YOU would read? It makes sense though, doesn’t it?!

The easiest way to build something authentic and with utter brilliance (in your eyes) is to create something ‘YOU LOVE’ – There are tons of people out there just like you; similar tastes, interests, senses of humour, and with identical values. I will go as far as saying you’ve probably got a hundred thousand mindset double gangers out there. HELL! Maybe even ten times that number and then five times that just strolling around minding their own biz.

Listen, I don’t know exact numbers, I’m not a mathematician. My point is there are lots of people that will ‘get’ your (potentially weird, sarcastic, silly, political, boundary-pushing…………) jam and ruddy LOVE IT!

Do you want an easy life with zero cuffufle? I’m gonna go with most of you said ‘100% YES!’.

An easy life in marketing is when you and your customers are on the same page, like two cosy peas (snuggling) in a big green pod (Yup, I’ll take any chance to get the word green in, I know!). When you’ve filled your pod with clients who ‘get you’, you are on the train to fun town; the process is simpler and full of fulfilment, for all parties.

I could talk about approaches if your target market isn’t you, but thats not the flow and goal of this love letter. This is about me, myself and I, and half the battle is won when your clients are just like you. Thats a fact, so let’s stick to it and delve a little deeper.

Maybe you are already creating content you love and putting yourself out there, but the ‘dream-boat’ client just isn’t noticing you, kinda like school days when you hope your classroom crush looks your way just once over a crowded cafeteria. ‘Being seen’ is the start of courting the desired customer. How to be seen can require some trial and error – are you testing your stuff? The right response is often held back by the execution, hence a nod here towards A/B testing of your content.

I know this might all seem a bit of a mind-boggle or perhaps too “Woo, man!” for you, but it works. It’s working for me RIGHT NOW.

I love my clients, and it’s mutual too. I’m finding more of my silly, creative, dazzling, awesome crew as the week’s tick by. And I have never loved the process more.

If you want to try injecting some TLC in your marketing strategy, you might just need an actionable plan to steer you along the ‘swooning’ tightrope to “date city”. [>INSERT ‘VIBE’ MUSIC – Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder <]

If you are interested in joining a group brand evolution session with me in March, complete a website contact form below this blog (limited spaces available!) or send me an email to

This workshop will take you through a simple 4-step process to ensure your focus is where it needs to be to attract your ‘will-o’-the-wisp’ customer:

🌿 1 – Share
🌿 2 – Purpose

🌿 3 – Evaluate

🌿 4 – Action

More details on this workshop coming soon!

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Waiting there is a whole lotta love; client love, self-love, marketing-love – ALL THE UK marketing advice!! …

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