Imagine your business as a tree; a living organism requiring nurture, nutrients and nourishment so it can germinate and thrive.

If you’re a start-up or an SME, your business is laying down roots and stretching its branches into its local environment, where it will form part of a diverse ecosystem made up of other ventures and organisations. Whether you operate specifically in the central south coast area, have a national footprint, or are making waves globally, your business can profit from working alongside other local enterprises within your geographic biosphere.

The benefits of reaching out and cultivating your network locally are profound. The government advises that attracting new business in your local area can help your company to grow. There is also a huge global emphasis on the value of local resources, and this doesn’t just apply to materials. Businesses that work collaboratively help each other to grow, combine a unique community and cultural knowledge about the local area, and utilise each other’s specific skills and expertise.

Creating synergy between like-minded businesses is the key to success for many start-ups and SMEs, and offers a mutually beneficial ecology for companies growing together in the same locale. 

Our passion at Koala is to provide a smart marketing service for like-minded start-ups and SMEs in the Southampton, Fareham and Portsmouth areas. Outsourcing your marketing strategy can help your business to flourish and strengthen, and allow your staff to focus on your core business aims. Our speciality is in helping other start-ups and SMEs to expand and mature, and we make it a principle to share our knowledge with you to help your business bloom. We have a committed policy towards environmental impact too, and we aim to work towards a better and more sustainable future for all. The most important place to begin that journey is in our local area, and we help the companies we work with strive to reach sustainable business goals to help improve our world for everyone.

We recognise the importance of flexibility, and work with you to create the marketing strategy you need, whether that is training your staff or completely managing your marketing for you.

We take a holistic approach and foster a whole company strategy because we recognise that every leaf on the tree has a vital role in helping the tree to thrive. We can help you assign budgets, utilise the existing skills and experience of your staff, and create a brand and image for you built from local knowledge and an understanding of how your business fits in the developing forest around it. Get in touch:

Let’s Work Together


At Koala we are about more than just numbers. We are people driven, passionate and keen to educate and lead others into sustainable and eco-friendly futures. Working with us will help your business to streamline marketing actions into measurable results using our effective smart marketing services.