Creative Genius (Not!), a podcast for the creative community, is releasing season two later this week.

This new season of podcasting activity, brought to you by Hampshire based marketing experts, Koala Marketing, has new music, influential new guests and more important topics on the table…

Each episode will still be jam-packed with creative inspiration, motivation and stimulus for creative-thinkers and do-ers, but this new batch of records is going deeper into the values held by Koala Marketing;

1) The ethical approach taken with marketing practice; providing insight and education to customers on how to be a ‘greener’ business.

2) While bringing creativity and flair to each project, each action taken is underpinned by a consciousness of the planet.

This podcast, within each chapter, will explore the inner workings of creatively-thinking minds, specifically those who have a clear purpose of making a positive impact, to each other or to the environment; sharing ideas, asking bigger questions and exploring new insights – advice, tips and ideas to fascinate and tempt the inner creative genius we all possess.

Join us for episode one of season 2 later this week!

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Check out our new podcast trailer for season 2 below.

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At Koala we are about more than just numbers. We are people driven, passionate and keen to educate and lead others into sustainable and eco-friendly futures. Working with us will help your business to streamline marketing actions into measurable results using our effective smart marketing services.