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In this ‘Women’s Power Hour’ podcast episode, I talk to Lauren de Vries from LDV Works, Tina Jennings from Cosán Cróga and Daniella Bird from Space Positive. All three female business owners are driven by a strong purpose in how they operate their businesses and how they work with their clients, driving very deliberate decisions within the bounds of their services.

In this special instalment of Creative Genius (Not!), we discuss the ‘WHY’ around purpose and how aligning values, people, and culture brings success. We tap into engagement, the ‘golden egg’ for workplace leaders and business owners, and how purpose plays a crucial part in unlocking peoples ‘best selves’ using a “hearts and minds” approach to culture.

We question how all this can work while considering the psychological safety of ‘the people’ within a workplace. It starts with asking open questions… not being afraid to investigate the norms and challenge what we think we know – “everybody has a voice”, and this podcast episode will give listeners the confidence to use it!

There is tons of delightful information in this conversation, from business owners to workplace leaders and everyone in between, don’t miss this great entry of Creative Genius (Not!).

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