OK. Let’s get personal.

“Virtually all (96%) of marketers agree that personalisation advances customer relationships.

Absolutely, it does!

So, small business owners, tell me, are you maximising your customer knowledge to create a personalised experience? Let’s get into it.

“Hello, subscriber.”

Who else is still getting emails addressed like this? You’re not alone! And if you’re anything like me, you’re immediately turned off (millennials are known for this!). Essentially, what the sender is saying is, ‘I dont care about you, soz!’. Hurtful! Only kiddin’, but it’s not great, not with the awesome collection of email marketing tools out there (MailchimpCampaign MonitorHubSpot) that do a lot of the hard work for you. This issue (of adding name-personalisation, i.e., “Hi, Fred!”) is simply remedied by changing a few options in the back end. Dont be a lazy lama!

“63% of consumers are highly annoyed with generic advertising blasts.”

And that includes me.

I’ll let you into a secret.

I love email marketing, wanna know why? Cause it’s bloody effective when it’s done right. I’ve had some out of this world “bonzer” results from email blasts for clients using personalisation techniques, three times more effective than a batch-and-blast approach. 

Therefore, making your content; your emails, your blogs, your social posts – all of it; relevant and engaging means your subscribers are more likely to open and read, to purchase, and then to remain subscribed and loyal to your brand.

I hate the word ‘SELL’, to be honest. I’m not a sales-person, I’m a marketeer. Producing ‘good’ content is not about using ‘sales-speak’, it’s about ‘CONNECTION’, mis amigos/amigas. It’s about building relationships with real (and tailored) conversations. Think of your marketing as a tête-à-tête with your next-door neighbour, Fred. Fred’s got a problem, help him fix it! This requires an understanding of your customer’s/Fred’s unique behaviours.

‘Think like Fred’, and use what you know. 

You have something to sell, now spend some time analysing your ideal customer. Get under their skin…understand how they think. Get to know what they need and work out what makes them dazzle with delight. Now build some content that speaks to THAT. It does take some time, but its an investment well spent.

80% say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalised experiences.”

Yup! I’m in the 80(%), how about you?

Some proof.

Wanna know why companies like Netflix, Amazon and EasyJet are killing it, they’ve got the personalisation approach down. They know their customers inside out, backwards and upside down (if need be); recommended products, movie titles ‘just for you’, offers on your dream holiday destination…They know it about you, they’re gonna use it! They utilise historical data and run tests to build personal stories, and it works like a charm.

As a small business, your relationships are far closer and more intimate with your customers than those global giants.

So, look at your data; your CRM, your Google Analytics, your Facebook stats, it’s a gold mine of detail, and create some insight-driven actions. You can spend 20-hours writing ten beautiful blogs, all grammatically accurate, filled to the brim with helpful advice, but if they don’t speak to your customer, you may as well upload the articles to your website, spend an hour sharing the content across all your social media channels with perfect precision, then hit DELETE. 

Spend your time on what counts…

Get real familiar with your consumers. Get personal with your content. And get results!

I’ll be running short workshops throughout November and December providing tools and tips on building personalised stories. Get in touch to book a place – hello@koalamarketing.co.uk.

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