Marketing Audit


Starting a new year in business is a chance to wipe the slate clean. To some, January can seem glum, sad, but at Koala Marketing, it’s a chance to improve and develop, to start again with some oomph. We dont just carry this view with our own business but take it to the companies we work with too.

In this Marketing and Brand audit, businesses are given a chance to reboot with the advice and guidance of marketing experts. Nothing can be scarier than a blank piece of paper. But with Koala Marketing, UK marketing experts in supporting SMEs in the UK and beyond, by your side, we will help you review past objectives and set some new ones for the year ahead. A top-level view of your marketing with some actionable steps!

Photo by Min An from Pexels.
What’s included:
  • A form to provide Koala Marketing with an overview of marketing efforts from 2021.
  • A 1-hour marketing meeting via Zoom to discuss your business.
  • A PDF with some actionable steps to improve the marketing and brand of your business.

Please email Koala to ask any questions in regards to this package, or to talk through Koala partnering with you and your business for marketing and brand support.

*The form must be submitted to Koala prior to arranging the 1-hour Zoom meeting.

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