Marketing Tips for 2021 from Hampshire Marketing Experts

In today’s fast-paced digital world, ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd and maintains relevance is the key to company growth and success.

We believe this to be the future of marketing.

“We have been telling stories for as long as we’ve been human – they are an absolutely essential part of our day-to-day communications.”

It’s dog-eat-dog out there, my friends, no one can afford for their business to be faceless and camouflage into the background.

“The first step in creating a story is to get very clear on your vision. Think of your brand as a legacy – what do you want to leave behind?”

You’ve probably heard people talk about ‘KNOW-LIKE-TRUST’.

To build a brand people know, people like and people trust is the key to survival; ‘Connection’ is the code. “As social creatures, we depend on others for our survival and happiness”; Building a relationship with an audience and engaging with them on a deep level is where storytelling comes in to fruition.

Brand storytelling brings emotion to your content. Telling stories reminds people why they should ‘choose you’ for their product or service.

Brew Dog do this beautifully. For a company of this scale to successfully humanise their message, with unique and thought-provoking content is impressive; They show the story behind the brand and why their approach matters with strong consistency, making us, people who do not particularly like IPAs (or beer for that matter!), a dedicated brand ambassador.

Without brand storytelling practice leading your content marketing strategy, your visibility, profit, and impact will be adversely affected.

So here are some ‘rememberables’ for your storytelling journey;

1) Have a clear purpose and remember to take a human-centred approach

A brand story has the potential to create significant impact. From the millennials to the younger gens, consumers are looking to work with companies which show what they care about. Here’s where your mission comes into force.

Do not be tempted to create a mission to fit what you think the world is looking for, instead, be authentic (consumers can smell a rat a mile off, so dont be one!). Choose a mission which is real and rings true to your business core values and something you can give 100 per cent commitment to.

Make your brand more human with stories; A powerful tool for education and building connection. This will create positive lasting impressions and inspire loyalty.

The human element must be a prominent factor when building a marketing strategy. As part of the discovery process, we ask new customers of Koala Marketing if they had a million pound TV adverting budget, where money was no object, who would they choose to promote their brand – Who would represent your business?

2) Simplify the message and do things differently

“Research shows that messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than facts.”

This point brings us to a common mistake we see frequently. Say, for example, you are a digital marketing agency, and a customer visits your Instagram profile. It looks great but its post after post of “Improve your SEO”, or “Hashtags you should be using…”. Sure, these tips are helpful, but this content is not engaging long term. Let’s face it, its corporate gumf! Yes, share your expertise but do it outside the box and keep those ‘top tip’ posts to one in three or better yet, one in five (or less!).

Our point is, instead of throwing facts and testimonials at your audience, focus on making your brand thoughtful, memorable, and real. Present your message into a story that transports people, simplifies information, and provokes an emotional response.

Use narrative to share your brand’s history; challenges, successes, and value propositions. This stops anyone else from mimicking your story. Remember, emotions drive a purchase, not logic.

3) Build a tribe of people who share your values

First things first, you can not be all things to all men. In marketing, we see this all the time—a small business owner who aims for growth on all social platforms. If you have tons of time to invest in this (and you are not using an internal/external marketing pro!), our guess is something important elsewhere is falling down. Our advice at Koala and something we discuss with clients is to pick one maybe two platforms and focus on those. Speak to your audience on there with well-crafted messages, asking yourself questions like, ‘What does this audience need from me in addition to my product/service?’ (refer back to point 2).

Think again about emotions, values, and ideas you can offer your audience. What do you want them to walk away feeling when they interact with you?

To build a tribe; We”ve just conducted a social media marketing workshop to a networking group in Hampshire where our message was the same; you need to engage with the audience. Its all well and good sharing a blog but if you are not starting conversations about it, involving the audience, interacting and replying to comments, then there is no ruddy point!

Once your audience knows, likes and trusts you, they will be more likely to buy from you, and that is a fact, but this takes time. By applying the methods shared in this blog, at the very least, you will start to build relationships with people who can, in time, become ambassadors for your brand.

“Discover your essence, bottle it up and share it with the world.”

The world is full of brands, for yours to stand out, remember to share what is at your business core, and talk about what it stands for. Ensuring your brand communicates a consistent story can be tricky. As part of our discovery process at Koala Marketing, we spent time ferreting out the essence for the businesses we support, helping them to tell more compelling and more authentic stories and to build loyal brand supporters.

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