The Beauty of a Unified Brand Strategy

How to generate emotions and ‘all the feels’ with your branding

Beautiful Branding

Beauty is when all the different aspects of something, albeit a face, a brand, a living space, all work together in harmony.

Whether you are talking about fashion, photography, sculpture or fine art (and I’ve studied them all, by the way), it’s elementary to make statements like “but art is subjective”. Trust me, I explored this notion as a questioning 17-year old art student. When it comes to ‘taste’, there can be an element of a personal or individual process, both from the creators perspective or as the observer; A series of thoughts and feelings experienced. However, to bring this back to BRAND, there is a profound phycological occurrence with unified branding.

Mind over matter

In art, they teach about the criticism steps: Description, Analysis, Interpretation, and Evaluation – How to view something removing taste. But in branding, there is a lot of ‘stuff’ happening that most people don’t even realise. It’s about understanding the psychology of the audience and building connections using the identity of a brand.

Creating harmony

I spoke at the start about the power of several features working together to create harmony. Well, it’s not just harmony that occurs in the feelings that a brand can generate; there’s a whole host of sentiments triggered when all parts of a brand work together, i.e. power, security, trust. This is called emotional marketing, and it feeds directly into our human desire for these heartfelt feelings.

Mining for gold

At Koala Marketing, the start of a branding journey begins with a discovery process. During this investigation phase, I strip back the expectations, the comparisons, the ego, all the things that tell us what we think we should be. I dig deep for what I call ‘THE ESSENCE’. The essence is what makes you different. There are tons of accountants, marketeers, recruiters… all the jobs! But what makes you unique is your essence, and this revolves around brand values.

See it feelingly

Understanding the values of your brand begins with honesty and self-awareness. Most people I go through this process with struggle with who or what their business is. Usually, there is an air of confidence, but when we start drilling down, asking open and honest questions, challenging what we think we know, the gaps usually begin to form. I believe part of my role as a marketing partner is to help my clients discover their business’s true value, and sometimes that means asking difficult questions. But the result is authentic, a real journey towards truth, and the outcome is you should look at your brand and see it feelingly – feel the content; it should resonate with you, give you goosebumps, make you proud, excited, inspired…….. – all the feels!

Positive waves

A unified brand that is genuine and built with honesty and love will send positive waves out to consumers. A concept created using the essence as the foundation will be remembered, admired, and drive purchasing decisions. With the right marketing professionals by your side, a solid brand strategy, sound design and consistent marketing, you could generate your own positive ripples, which will become waves, out into the universe.

How does your branding make people feel?

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