Do you struggle to get into the groove of creative flow?

Here’s our advice on activating your super-self at work.

A flow state, otherwise known as ‘being in the zone’, “is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity” – This is where, for most people, their ‘best work’ happens!

Lockdown afforded me some time to better understand and identify how to achieve my ‘best creative self’ at work, and that involved taking steps to set in motion a flow state.

Part of the process in initiating a creatively ‘souped-up’ version of me is spending time in a flow state environment. This is a space that fills up my inspiration cup, a place that offers uninterrupted focus to be fully present and open-minded and a spot to think outside of my working day and working brain. I have a few creative-trigger settings, but the top of my list is outside in the countryside.

If you follow Koala Marketing on Instagram, you may have seen my stories reflect this over the last few months, lots of early morning walks, outside, trees galore; in nature is where I explore most of my ideas. The sounds of Mother Earth and the chimes of nearby wildlife as my escort (and usually my dog Nelson!).

This location also offers me a chance to recharge my batteries and refocus away from my laptop, emails and notifications, to reconnect to the uncontaminated and unsullied act of “creating”.

I wrote this today because, for me, this self-examination process has been hugely beneficial. We don’t run our businesses without inspecting and streamlining, gosh! We build collision zones in offices to promote this creative-flow, so why should the way we run our bodies and our minds be any different. This leads me to ask when was the last time you carried out a self-audit and asked yourself what you NEED to be your happiest and best self while working?

“There is no better designer than nature.”

– Alexander McQueen

With #WorldMentalHealthDay just around the corner, today seems like the perfect excuse for some self-care. Check out this article I found that asks 34 essential life audit questions, some of which might help you to better understand what you could change to be happier and more fulfilled both at work and in life.

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