Creative Genius (Not!) (season 1) is for creative thinkers and do-ers, anyone looking to maximise their personal skillset or grow a business with smart marketing tips and insight from business ‘growth’ professionals. If you are a business owner or anyone in a leadership position in a company looking to explore new ideas to take back to the boardroom, this podcast is for you. Each episode I welcome into my ‘genius’ chair someone with inspiration or innovation at their core. Sit back and tune in as we administer tips and advice for creative listeners. Spotify fans, listen and subscribe here.

Episode #009 – ‘Growing your business the right way – Exploring CX’.

In this podcast episode, we talk to Rebecca from Think WOW about selling with ‘great’ customer experience. We discuss how you get that “YES” from consumers, the future of businesses without a strategised approach – surviving the next 12-months, understanding the emotional mindset of the customer and building a business on authentic and empathetic values. A thought-provoking episode where Rebecca talks openly about her story and ambitions to stop workplace bullying. Tune in for tips and advice for business professionals looking to gain insight into how to persist throughout the recession and keep on the growth track during a post Covid world. Customer experience feeds into everything – it’s one not to miss!

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