Creative Genius (Not!) is a great space for anyone working in the creative space; free-thinkers, innovators, freelancers, business owners, anyone who wants to come and learn more about businesses development and marketing techniques. Each episode takes me to bring a creative soul to my pod-chair, as we share and discuss tips and advice. Listen here for guidance from the experts.

Episode #008 – ‘Building Connections with Personal Brand’.

In this podcast episode, we talk to Annelies James from Expertly Personal about personable and personal branding; a great ‘ep for freelancers and individuals seeking ways to build connections and develop themselves and their businesses.

We nose dive into inspirational women and how influential people can impact our creative lives, choosing your ‘work-buddies’, getting comfortable talking about ‘YOU’, raising your profile with interesting and meaningful content, and learning more about your values with a 360 review. It’s a great one, go check it!!

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