“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

– Maya Angelou.


Verb: To make or become different.

Change comes to us in many forms throughout our lives; physical changes from adolescence to adulthood, intellectual development from life and educational learnings, to emotional growth, from the relationships we cultivate with others. Some of these periods of transition are wonderful and bring with them moments of admiration from our peers and blissful contentment in ourselves. However, not all change is elegant, like the butterfly. Some of the changes we make to ourselves, our lives or with our work are clumsy, mistake-ridden and regretful. I think of these moments like the caterpillar.

These shifts in change can bring a longing for the safety and quiet of the cocoon, of a time when things were simpler.

Whether you are presently in caterpillar-mode, learning and not making much ground, or hiding away and playing it safe in your chrysalis-retreat, it is only to withstand these spells, accept them and ride the change-wave from one transition to another, without too much self-judgement and anxiety, that you will indeed allow yourself to become the butterfly. From imperfection and vulnerability to glorious beauty; it is always a change away.

#ButterflyTheory. Save this article and the next time you’re feeling frustrated, deflated, fearful or flat, remind yourself that you are a change away from something new and something different.

It can be scary to make changes to our businesses, taking a leap of faith into something new. Still, without trying, without exploring the options and being open-minded, you may be preventing yourself and your business from growing.

Talk to experts who understand the risks and who can support you through your business development journey. If your marketing isn’t working, don’t hibernate away from it, let’s chat about what changes can be made to ensure you keep your company on the growth-track.


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