Big Brand Bundle


The power of a consistent brand spans beyond a winning logo and beautiful colour pallet. Your brand is everything you do, it’s all your communications, both internal and external, it’s your companies visual identity, the values it rests upon and your vision for the future. Brand marketing is the ideas and actions you take to building a strong brand; spending time and investment on getting these ducks in a row now will positively impact your company’s value to the customer. This package will help to set the scene, starting with clarity on ‘who you are’, and building some content around this message, sequentially showing your audience why they should buy from ‘YOU’.

What’s included:
  • Following a discovery session, clarification or establishment of vision, mission and values*
  • Social graphics for two core social platforms; banner and icon
  • Two insight-driven (400-word) blogs*
  • Two email marketing campaigns (1x global and 1x segmented ‘follow-up’ e-shot)
  • The design and artworking of a 4-page marketing document (A4, mini brochure), or four individual 1-page PDF documents, e.g. whitepapers**
  • A basic website audit report including recommendations for web development.

All packages can be tweaked to fit your unique needs. Please speak to Koala to arrange a 1-2-1 to talk through this package and your business.

*If blog writing is required this includes confirmation of the company tone of voice. Topics for blogs to be provided.
**This item can be replaced by a 5-slide branded presentation template. Copy content to be provided by the client.

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All packages can be tailored to fit your bespoke business needs.

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