Be more village; applying Community, Connection and Collaboration to fuel the workplace unicorn, “Creativity”​.

Last week we had the pleasure of sitting in on a recent online panel event held by TwistedPair – #WorkplaceRevolutionPanel. 

Having been the marketing consultants for the campaign, we were excited to discover more about ‘the new era of work’; trends, evolvement and post-pandemic analysis from the panel of workplace experts; Daniel Hampshire (LinkedIn), Kevin Mullen (Facilitate Corp), Winnie Okonkwo (MediaCom) and Jitesh Patel (Peldon Rose).

For us, there was one notable takeaway that we believe is the key to unlocking greater creativity at work; “Create a village atmosphere”. This resonated with us because of our experience of working in the corporate world which could have been positively influenced by a greater focus on conceiving a more human and habitable environment.

Historically, the culture of a village, it’s structure, the connections between villagers, and the community it produced, was led by a shared purpose, a unified mission. 

Within early settlements, villagers didn’t have to remind themselves to ‘put people first’, the mission was about ‘the people’ (at MediaCom its, “People First, Better Results” – we love this!). There was more freedom to allow connections to forge ideas, less structure and hierarchy to prevent collaboration.

There was a habitual willingness to know your neighbours, who were also your coworkers. Trust was built by human to human contact, problems were visible and overcome by open discussions and alliances.

In essence, and brilliantly said by Daniel Hampshire, “You don’t have to be a superhero at work”, its wasted energy. The time has come to just be ourselves, to share our vulnerabilities and to get to know our teammates better. This will create a people-focused ecosystem that individuals are proud (and enjoy) to be a part of and fuel a better connected and more creative-endorsing setting, which, in turn, will empower businesses to be their best. You want to be your best, don’t you?!

“You don’t build a business – You build people. And then people build the business.” – Zig Ziglar

The Workplace Revolution Panel has been an excellent project to be involved with, and we look forward to sharing a bit more about this campaign in the future.


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