“An elephant never forgets.”

Now replace ‘elephant’ with ‘audience’; An audience is more likely to remember a positive experience.

But how can we grab the attention of our viewers, like your granny grabs her handbag en route to the dance floor, and convert them into loyal customers?

Let’s look at the marketing tool that’s almost as old as time itself – Enter ‘The Presentation’, “swoosh!”.

[SCENARIOS] You’ve secured ‘that’ meeting; you’ve lined up some patrons to deliver that sick workshop to; you are just about to hit send on that proposal document…however the opportunity to ‘present’ exhibits itself, you’ve now got a chance to provide something visual and ‘BE SEEN’.

This is a sweet (and opportune) moment to impress, to display that killer brand you poured your heart and soul into, and to successfully share that important message.

I can sit on my high and mighties a little here when offering some advice on presentations, as I’ve earned my stripes; I’ve been building these documents, both in graphic design and in content writing for companies for over a decade.

In this time, I have learnt what works to capture the audience and leave them excited for more. The evidence to prove this is the amount of work I have secured as a result of this craft; people who have been subject to these presentations in action and approached me directly to request my help.

What a blessing; no sales pitch, no marketing slog, no selling your soul to the social media devil [“shriek!”], just thoughtful design and clear messaging doing the difficult doodah for you. This is the real deal…marketing at its finest; good solid visual communication.

“Effective presentations are 55% non-verbal communication, so creating a tool to support your goal is essential.

So, here are my tips if you want to have a crack; 7 simple tricks to help you present your socks off;

1) Craft a compelling narrative – It’s not just the telling, it’s the selling of the story. Think about the objective and work backwards, building content which is engaging and real; share authentic and relatable experiences.

90% of people believe that a strong narrative in a presentation is critical for engagement.”

2) Get people asking questions – Rouse the audience with something eye-opening; include facts or a statistic that makes them think and reflect on later.

3) Know your subject matter – Understand the message upside down and inside out. You don’t want to get caught out like an unprepared unau (that’s another word for a sloth, by the way!).

4) Speak to the audience directly – Climb inside the mind of the viewer when drafting the content. For good measure, add something only this group or ‘tribe’ will know or can relate to.

5) Push some boundaries – Should the audience allow for it, be confident in taking new and interesting approaches. Most of the most exceptional artists of all time have been out of the box thinkers – ‘Inspire’.

6) Include only necessary information – Think story, design and objectives first, and everything else (if needed) later. Keep text to a minimum, remember, the most performing presentations are visually-focused.

“54.9% of people say that less than 25% of their presentations contain text.”

7) Keep it impactful, and keep it simple – Speak to the audience in a direct and real ‘human’ way; no guff and blah allowed!

Your intention is for the observer to be able to absorb each slide within 3-seconds.

“91% of presenters feel more confident presenting with a well-designed slide deck”, so make sure the visual aids that support your presentations in 2021 allow you to feel assured and equipped to present with certainty.

If you think you may benefit from attending a presentation building workshop, I am looking to host some online training sessions either in 1-2-1’s, or delivered to small groups. This coaching will support you in choosing or creating suitable imagery for your presentation, and the essentials of building an engaging narrative. Please drop me an email if you are interested in nailing visual comms in your business in 2021.

More on Workshops HERE.

There you have it my little learner bees, just remember, “an elephant never forgets”, so make each ‘presentation’ rememberable for the right reasons.

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