5 Website Tips to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Website Tips to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In just half a second, your new visitors will have already formed an opinion on your website and, following that, your company.

And if you’ve caught their eye, it’s just the beginning.

In 2022, the average UK adult spent over five hours on the internet each day, consuming endless content. They don’t remember everything they read, watched, and listened to — but they will remember how it made them feel.

Your website isn’t just your chance to reach more customers. It’s your chance to make a lasting impression that leads to lasting relationships, impact, and growth in your digital marketing.

5 website tips from an ethical digital marketing agency

As differently thinking marketing experts, we’re always on the hunt for sustainable marketing tips to help our clients transform their websites through good solid design, customer experience and branded storytelling. We know that a website can either cost your business or create opportunities.

Let’s go with the latter, shall we?

Here are 5 marketing tips to improve your website or build a new winning website for your business in 2023:

1) Add ‘SEO’ to your digital marketing motto.

How can you help and serve your customers if they can’t find you?

The number one website tip will always be SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the continual practice of improving your website to make it more visible in search engines.

When your customers hop onto Google searching for a solution, SEO makes it easy for them to find you. There are a myriad of website tips and strategies to boost your SEO. We could write 10 blogs straight off the bat that provide actionable steps to improve your search optimisation, but some of the easiest to get you started include consistent blog posts delivered on the reg, keyword optimisation, and clever website design. All things Koala Marketing help their clients with every day to help them be seen online.

2) Put people first with a positive user experience.

A user-friendly website shows your customers and clients that you care.

We spent a lot of time caring about the user experience of our customer’s marketing strategies on their behalf. After all, it’s why more than 1 in 3 users stop engaging with a website if it isn’t easy to navigate, and, furthermore, 3 in 4 base a brand’s credibility on their website design.

There’s quite a bit to care about here, wouldn’t you say…?

Website design isn’t just about style — it’s a functional service you provide to your audience.

3) Mobile-friendly website design matters.

About half of all website traffic is accessed via mobile devices; apparently, people feel the same about their electronic devices as they do about their homes. So, if your website design isn’t made for your customers’ phones, it will most certainly get lost in translation.

Mobile-friendly web design creates a more accessible, convenient, and personalised experience for your community.

4) Take your stance, and build more trust.

Your website gives you a chance to make a statement. To take your stance on current issues, declare your mission, and stand tall in your values. As you do so, you’ll attract customers who are ready to join you in the movement. These are the people you want to work with.

This is where the beautiful word brand comes into play. We are a brand-focused marketing agency, and our approach as a marketing partner is always to make the brand the seed from which everything grows. It is from this source that we build our marketing strategies and produce stories through copywriting or design which leads to a unified marketing plan that connects to your individual business.

Ask yourself, does your current website act as an extension of your brand’s value to your customers?

“Koala Marketing is, without a doubt, not only the best marketing and web design company I have ever dealt with but one of my favourite business partners too. As I have a strong understanding of my values and how these translate to my business, I knew that to get the new website I imagined. I would need to find a company that could speak in my voice. For over a year, I spoke and met with other web design companies and always felt they fell short somehow. Then two companies recommended Koala Marketing for their marketing and brand development work. Caleigh’s enthusiasm, creativity, drive, and passion were evident from our first conversation; everything clicked into place after that. The result speaks for itself; our new website (www.bluepiranha.co.uk) truly showcases our brand and conveys our value-driven “WHY”. It has massively increased company credibility and has set us apart from our competition. Thank you, Koala!”

Jann Railton – Blue Piranha, Founder

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5) The right website design boosts conversions.

To many, this is the most important bit.

Websites with an above-and-beyond user experience have a 400% higher conversion rate. It’s no surprise that sales require strategy.

Your website is an investment, and it should reap real rewards. With the right SEO, design, and digital marketing strategies, your website can find customers for you. We often say you should see your site as an extra member of your sales team – in this rapidly advancing digital world, how hard is your website working for your business?

Reimagine Your Website with Koala Marketing: An ethically thinking, brand-led UK Marketing Agency that will find your business essence and bring it to life with a strategy-led approach.

Looking for more digital marketing tips?

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We know that, for you, it’s all about purpose — creating a real, lasting impact. As your dedicated digital marketing team, we’re ready to make a difference together.

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