Knitting a big green jumper for your home this Christmas

5 ways to add more eco sparkle to your digs this season…

We spend tons of time inside our homes during the winter months. October to February is a time to nestle in with a cup of hot chocolate and a woollen blanket as you watch the snowflakes settle and grow outside your window. But, it’s also a fabulous time to knit yourself a new set of green goals, ones that you and your whole family can do at home throughout the cooler months to help protect the planet.

This is not about weaving a perfect eco warmer for your two up two down, but instead, changing homely habits and being led with a consciousness that is bigger than ourselves. One that supports and sustains the balance of our planet. It’s a big task, but it’s one that you can do, with tiny knitting needles and an easy to follow pattern…just like this one. Read on!

Here are our tips on weaving your home a green garment this season:

1) Be a Scrooge on energy.

Did you know that turning your heating down by just one degree can save you £80 a year on your bills, let alone less usage on your carbon emissions? “Hello, world! We got you, girl!”

Have you ever tried energy-saving lightbulbs? Their cosier vibe fits perfectly into a living or bedroom space. “Ahhh, hygge!”

2) Follow the ‘STAR’ …jumps! (Or is it jumper?)

When we used to say we were cold in our family house, our dad jokingly used to say, do some star jumps! It taught us to value heating.

Now, as an adult, with house bills of my own to pay and a planet to try and save, I can see the heating doesn’t need to be in full blast. So, let’s get jumping! But, for those times when the star jumps just don’t work, revisit your wardrobe and pop on your cosiest jumper for extra layering.

Did you know that the fashion industry makes up 10% of the world’s annual carbon emissions? So, rather than buying a new coat or jumper this January sale, see what last years spending still has to offer; there’s usually an oldie but a goodie hiding in the back of your closet. And if not, raid your families cupboards – A clothes swap can give older clobber new life! And if you are done with some garments, do a charity shop run – Your trash is someone else’s treasure.

3) Jingle all the …not that way!

Is boycotting Amazon a bit far, perhaps. We just want you to shop sustainably. No one is saying you can’t shop online; we know how dreamy Prime sounds for last-minute needs. However, Facebook marketplace, Depop, eBay and Vinted, may be better options. Second-hand shops online give you and the buyer a chance for bargains and ‘gains. And companies like Just Think Eco or My Green Pod do all the ethical research for you so you can confidently buy your gear, knowing it will uphold your ‘green-queen crown’. “No to landfill.” “Here, here!”

4) Santa Clause, the shopper.

Did you know originally, Santa wore green, just as the Christmas creators intended? That was until Coca-Cola turned him red for marketing uses.

This tip isn’t about present buying locally, oooooh no, Ho, Ho, Ho! This is about getting your creative cap on with wrapping, and we don’t mean spitting lyrics. We mean present wrapping, here’s how:

  • Reuse old paper and gift bags.
  • Wrap gifts with recycled brown paper, old newspapers or material.
  • Use eco-friendly tape instead of sticky plastic sellotape.
  • Use things you have around your house to decorate your gifts.

…Old string, crumpled brown paper and dried orange segments make beautiful parcels that smell divine. A present even Santa would be proud to receive.

5) Get craftier than the grinch.

Invest your time and not your pennies. Let’s face it, there’s nothing nicer than handmade gifts. Best of all by you, but second to that, made by local crafting creatives.

Crafting is your way to make a Christmas unique and super special for those you love. Be sure to look for sustainable materials, things around the house or other people’s throwaways.

Biodegradable glitter and recycled paper are two important avenues to explore, to name just two.

Christmas cards or tree ornaments made from household clutter is a great starting point, something the whole family can enjoy doing. Even the grinch couldn’t say no to that!! And to finish on that note;

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” — The Grinch

Winter is the best time to start making fundamental changes in your home, so grab some wool and start weaving and knotting that yarn into the start of a perfect eco residence in 2022, and wrap your home up tight with changes that will warm the toes of our planet.

Merry Christmas, from the team at Koala Marketing; An everything marketing partner based in Hampshire, UK, powered by ethical values and creativity.

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